What the ... ?

the Ultimate Meeting (tUM) is a multi-platform (PC/C64/Console) demo-scene party. It was last held in december 1999. At that time it had been organized by the german group TUM. About 40 ambitioned scener gathered for 3 days in a small hall somewhere in Mannheim/Germany. It was a cold december weekend, nevertheless all attenders were happy to be there and had much fun!

Finally in 2oo2 the Ultimate Meeting is back! Due to some bad circumstances in the scene this year (TP dead for the scene/Dialogos cancelled), we (the original tUM-organizers) decided to bring You back one fine party located in the south of germany.

This year tUM is going to take place at "Nachbarschaftshaus Rheinau" in Mannheim-Rheinau.
The party starts on Friday, 27th December at 12:00 CET and ends on Sunday, 29th December at 15:00 CET.
The address of the partyplace is:
    Nachbarschaftshaus Rheinau
    Rheinauer Ring 101-103
    D-68219 Mannheim (Rheinau)
The entrance fee amounts to 25 Euro (no other currencies). Mat^Ozone and girls get in for free.
If you come from outside of Germany there is the possibility to get a discount on the entrance fee. Please contact FZool for further details.
Money which is left is spent on competition prizes.


  • plenty of competitions
  • big screen + beamer
  • decent audio equipment
  • enough AC for everyone
  • place for about 150 visitors (if we needed more we could fix that)
  • warm sleeping hall in the same building as
    the main hall
  • fake & semi-real foodsupport (MC Donalds/Burger King near the partyplace, pizza waves, snackbar)
  • beer and other beverages at low prices
  • free coffee (better bring your own mugs, plastic
    cups suck!)
  • sceners only - NO GAMERS! (we are not kidding: gamers will be kicked out!)

Some rules for those who consider attending tUM'o2 (mainly adapted from the Mekka&Symposium homepage, thanx):

We are NOT responsible for stolen or damaged items you bring to our party. Take care of it yourself and most important: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! We are not responsible for accidents caused by your own dumbness.

THIS IS NOT A LAN/GAMING PARTY! Gamers will NOT be permitted entry in order to have more space available for sceners.

Disturbant individuals causing damage to things or other individuals will be thrown out or handed over to the local police. So, behave yourself!

Just as last tUM we are trying to supply you with as much power extension sockets as possible. Nevertheless it might be good if you bring your own plugboxes with you in case we run out of stock.

To prevent power failures, please don't bring stuff like: toasters, fridges, any kitchen equipment, heaters with you. These things are responsible for power failures. We won't refund half-written CD-Rs after a power failure. Extension sockets that are defect and those without earth contact will be confiscated and destroyed.

Our visitors will have to respect German law. Illegal actions, especially regarding software piracy, can not be approved of. The consumption of drugs and alcohol is tolerated ACCORDING TO GERMAN LAW and as long as you don't disturb others.