To contact us just write an email to
one of these organizers of tUM*o2:

BenJam^Salva Mea
-Music Competitions

Diver^Salva Mea
-Wild Competitions

D.Fox^Digital Overflow
-Additional Support

Fzool^Salva Mea^Smash Designs
-General Organizing, C64 Competitions

Mbb^Pap-Group^Smash Designs
-Graphics Competitions

-Music Competitions

Pixman^Salva Mea
-Additional Support

Scamp^Vacuum^Beastie Toys

Scoup^Salva Mea Fan Club
-Additional Support

TB^Salva Mea
-PC Demo and PC Intro Competitions

xtu^Salva Mea Fan Club
-Catering Support

Official tUM*o2 irc channel: IRCnet, #tUM*o2


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here you can see all the possible banners with examples how to insert them into your page:


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of course you may add a different target-parameter to the <a>-tag, just as all kind of parameters to the image-tag.